Using Flottform

Integrating Flottform

Are you interested in trying Flottform in your own project? We are happy to help with the integration. Send us a message.

Flottform can be easily integrated into your form, without having to add additional logic to your server. You can enable multi-device forms for your customers in two ways:

1. Include a single script tag on your form

The script will inspect your HTML, find <input type="file" ...> elements and adds a button right next to it to enable a peer-to-peer connection for the specific input element.

2. Integrate the functionality into your frontend

You can use the Flottform module directly in your frontend. It allows you to highly customize behavior and style the Flottform flow.

How much will it cost?

We are still figuring out a fair pricing model. Enabling users to share images easier will make returns and complaints more efficient and user friendly. We need to think about a subscription-based model as we need to provide servers for Flottform users to help setting up the Peer-To-Peer connections and route their data, if they happen to be behind restricted access.

If you are looking to integrate Flottform into your forms in a commercial offering, let's talk!

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