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Allow multiple devices as inputs for the same form.

Make it simple to provide data

Flottform allows customers to use multiple devices while filling out your form. In a world where data is split up between devices and people, Flottform enables an easy and secure way to enable multiplayer forms without having to install anything.

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Multi-Device Enhancement


Effortless Data Transfer

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Simplified Image Uploads


Efficient Customer Support

Seamless Multi-Device Integration

With Flottform, adding data to forms from multiple devices is a breeze. Our simple button addition to input fields opens the door to seamless connections via WebRTC. Transfer data directly into forms from any device, effortlessly.

Multi-device integration
Images transfer

Easy Image Transfer for Customer Support

Picture this - a customer filling out a return or complaint form on their computer wants to add photos from their phone. With Flottform, it's as simple as a click and a snap. Customers can easily connect their phone and transfer images directly into the form, enhancing clarity and efficiency in customer support.

Empowering Support Teams

Enable your customer support teams to offer a more interactive, helpful, and efficient service. Flottform's ease of use means less hassle for both your team and your customers, leading to faster resolutions and happier experiences.

Customer support
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Secure and Reliable

We take the security of your data seriously. Flottform ensures that all transfers are secure, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Easy integration in any form on the web

As developers, we aim for the easiest integration of Flottform into existing forms.

Flottform init code

🌟 Why Choose Flottform?

  • Enhanced User Experience: Make form-filling a breeze for your users, especially when dealing with images and data from multiple devices.
  • Streamlined Processes: Reduce the steps and complexities in data input, especially in customer support scenarios.
  • Increased Efficiency: Save time for both your team and your customers with quick and direct data transfer.
  • Cheap and simple integration: You don't need additional apps or full form solutions to allow multiple devices on your forms.

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