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How Flottform can improve user experience?

Enhance User Convenience in Data Submission

Flottform revolutionizes the form-filling experience by accommodating usage on multiple devices. This is particularly useful in today's environment where data and users often span multiple devices. Flottform provides a user-friendly and secure method to fill out the form using multiply devices

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Been in a similar situation?

Tamara has just received her eagerly awaited, high-performance computer at the office. The other day, to her dismay, she discovers a significant issue with the device. To get a replacement, she needs to file a detailed report, including a photo of the problem. But she needs to leave the office right now as she has a meeting out of the office.
Tamara receives a new computer
Tamara thinking about a broken computer
As Tamara is in a meeting all day, she is unable to take the photo herself. Should Tamara wait to continue with the form until she returns to the office the next day or is there a better way?
That's where Jörn, her colleague, comes into play. He's in the office and can take a photo of a broken device. Tamara shares a link to the online form with Jörn. He quickly snaps a photo and upload it directly to Tamara's form.
Jörn photos a broken computer
Phone with form
This bypasses the need for email exchanges or using cloud storage for transferring the image. Our service not only makes the process seamless but also ensures that Tamara's replacement request is well-documented and processed swiftly.

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